L.Aquila Romantic suspense Author

Fleeting Time- Ebook


My name is Lexi, and I went missing for years. When I returned, I realized that my family has moved on. I can’t explain to you the heartache that I feel. I continue to do my best, to figure out what happened to me. I have no memory of my disappearance.



When I find a new job at a jazz club, I meet Dan Harbor, and oh my, he’s gorgeous.
Never would I have thought I would fall head over heels for him so fast.
As time goes on, I start to get very vivid flashbacks of my time, when I was missing. The man that kidnapped me is back and he will stop at nothing to get to me.
I will soon realize that I have to fight for my life and never give up.
Dan will do anything to protect me and I will do anything to keep him.
Who says you can’t have two loves in a lifetime?


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